Please note that this is the help section for the former Newsletter2Go software.

What do the Default Landing Pages look like?

All landing pages are available in several languages. The standard landing pages are matched to the language a user uses in the software. You can change your language settings in your profile, which you can reach from the profile drop-down on the right of the home screen in your account.

1) Unsubscribe Page

When a contact unsubscribes from your newsletter, they receive an unsubscribe questionnaire that matches the language settings of their browser. They also have the choice to select a different language above for the questionnaire.

2) Forms

The design of the standard landing pages for forms cannot be changed. You can, however, order custom subscribe and unsubscribe pages from us. See the tab Custom Sign-up and Unsubscribe Pages under Pricing or contact the sales team at

Further, you can change the language of the landing pages according to your wishes. You can find this under Settings in the first step when creating a new Sign-up Form.

3) Double Opt-in (DOI) Mailing

The standard text for a double opt-in email corresponds to the entry in the form under Successful Sign-ups. The default is "You have successfully subscribed to this newsletter." The DOI link will expire after 7 days (this follows GDPR regulations). To adjust the text for this, make your changes under "Invitation Expired." The default is "Your subscription invitation has expired. Please try again." 

Alternately, in the DOI mailing itself, you can set the landing page that contacts will see after they have successfully subscribed.