Please note that this is the help section for the former Newsletter2Go software.

How Do I Set Up a Lifecycle Campaign?

Lifecycle campaigns are a great way to automate your business and multiply customer lifetime value. Establishing a lifecycle campaign means setting up automation that sends different emails that are relevant to specific customers at specific moments. Types of customer lifecycle campaigns include ...

  • Countdown campaigns
  • Special deals for new members, depending on registration date
  • Upselling campaigns, e.g., set to send 14 days after the last conversion
  • Coupon campaigns for a birthday
To create a customer lifecycle campaign, follow these steps.
Step 1: Establish an Auto-update Segment
The first step is to create an auto-update segment. You can find directions on how to do so  here.
For example, you can create a segment that meets the following condition:
Has received > Name of campaign > exactly ______ ago > 14 days
Whenever a contact meets these conditions, they will be automatically entered into the auto-update segment. You can use as many conditions and attributes, including own attributes that you've established, as you would like when you set up your auto-update segments.
Step 2: Set Up an Ongoing Campaign
Now it's time to set up the series of emails that will make up the lifecycle campaign. You can find these under Campaigns –> Automation –> New Campaign – Ongoing Campaign
Select the auto-update segment you just craeted, and design your first mailing for them. In the fifth step "Send," you can choose the time that the campaign sends, so it will go out every day at the same time to applicable contacts. Because you set it to "exactly ______ ago," each recipient will only receive the mailing one time.
Step 3: Repeat Steps 1 and 2 
Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each additional mailing in your lifecycle campaign. For example:
1) Welcome campaign that goes out on the first day to all new subscribers.
2) Ongoing campaign 1 that goes out to an auto-update segment "has received welcome campaign exactly 7 days ago."
3) Ongoing campaign 2 that goes out to an auto-update segment "has received ongoing campaign 1 exactly 7 days ago."
And on you go!