Please note that this is the help section for the former Newsletter2Go software.

What Is a Double Opt-in Email (Registration Email), and Why Is It Necessary?

A double opt-in (DOI) email, also known as a registration email or a confirmed opt-in, is sent to new subscribers to your newsletter to confirm their subscription. It can be triggered in several ways, via the Newsletter2Go sign-up form on your website, for example, or after uploading new contacts.

1) Why is a double opt-in important?

Sending a DOI email enables the recipient to expressly confirm that they want to receive your newsletter in the future. It also prevents false subscribes, for example, if someone uses a fraudulant or incorrect email address to sign-up for your newsletter. If you are sending email to any recipients located in the European Union, you are legally required to issue a double opt-in. Finally, from a legal perspective, it is also crucial to ensure that the double opt-in email does not contain any advertising material. 

To ensure transparency, it is also advisable to include details such as the frequency and topics of your emails, as well as information on how to unsubscribe. You can also include a link to your email preference center to allow the recipient to self-select into certain auto-update segments.

2) How do I create a DOI?

A double opt-in mail can be created in Campaigns --> Automation. It is available for all plan holders.

The double opt-in includes a confirmation link that your recipients have to click in order to receive your mailings. If they do not confirm their subscription to your newsletter, then within 7 days they will be automatically removed from the system.

If you want to test the DOI email, it's best to do a test registration via the sign-up form, and then ensure that the DOI email arrives and looks OK. Working with a test send will not be as effective because you need to test the trigger not just the send. 

You can connect one DOI email to multiple sign-up forms.