Please note that this is the help section for the former Newsletter2Go software.

What Is Multivariate A/B Testing?

Multivariate A/B testing enables you to automatically test the subject line, sender name and content. Testing multiple version allows you to find the best performing newsletter variant.

You can test several newsletter variants at the same time. You are free to test the subject line, preview text and sender name simultaneously.

This feature allows you to test up to nine different variants per one newsletter. 

Each variant is sent to a recipient group, the size of which you can determine.

The newsletter will be emailed to random subscribers from this group, which increases the statistical validity of the A/B test.

You can also select a date and time for sending the test newsletter and the full campaign. Within this time frame, data such as the open rate, click rate and bounce rate will be collected to determine the best performing variant. It takes time to check for best performing variants, so it is advisable to allow for a 24-hour period between sending the test newsletter and sending the full campaign. Once it’s time to send the full campaign, the software will automatically send the best performing variants to all intended recipients.

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