Please note that this is the help section for the former Newsletter2Go software.

How are bounces managed, and what is the difference between hard and soft bounces?

Hard and soft bounces refer to either a permanent or temporary issue with delivery. 

If the email address doesn't exist, for example, it will be marked as a hard bounce and blocked from the address book with a bounce symbol. 

If the email address exists but an email cannot be delivered due to a temporary problem - e.g. the recipient inbox is full - it will be marked as a soft bounce. After three failed delivery attempts in a row, the recipient will then be marked as a hard bounce (with the bounce symbol). 

This means that if some of your contacts do not receive one or several of your emails due to soft bounces, they will still be active in your address book and will continue to be sent emails. 

With Newsletter2Go, bounce management is fully automated.