Please note that this is the help section for the former Newsletter2Go software.

How Can I Update Contact Information in My Contact List?

Users cannot change a contact's email address. You can make updates to reflect changes in name, physical address, etc. There are two ways to update contacts' information.

If you want to update a contact's email address, you need to use the contact profile form.

1. In the Newsletter2Go software

Navigate to Contacts > Active Contacts. 

Click on the email address of the contact whose information you would like to update. This will open a profile page and you can manually make any changes you'd like to their profile. After your changes make sure that you click "save changes".

2. As a file upload

Export the contact(s) whose information you would like to update. Edit their information in your .csv or Excel file. Then you can reimport the file, and the system will automatically update all contact information according to the changes you've made. Please don't, our system has an automatic double-profile check, so no new contact will be created.

How to use the contact profile form, please click here.