Please note that this is the help section for the former Newsletter2Go software.

How do I give the customers the opportunity to edit their profile?

Contacts can prove and edit their own data via the contact-profile link.
To use this, at first you have to create a contact profile form.

1) Create the form

Got to "forms" and start with "Create Form". Then under "supported features" select the type "contact profile".
Please notice that the contact profile form is only usable with an active DOI mailing too. The DOI mailing will be used if the contact adapts his email address and is therefore a prerequisite.
Then in step 2 you select the attributes which you want to offer in the profile form.

2) Use of the form

Now after saving the form, you have to create the mailing and insert the "Link to Contact's Profile". Just choose it under type of link.

By default, under "contact profile page" the link to the default landing page of Newsletter2Go is chosen. You can also insert the URL to your own landing page, if you have inserted the form on a separate page per JavaScript code (eg: For "linked form", select the previously created profile form.

The "Link to Contact's Profile"  will be just generated when the mailing is sent, because it's a dynamic link. Therefore, the profile link does not work in a testmail. Although it's not possible to use the direct link to the website, as each contact will receive an individual link.
If the Contact clicks on the "Link to Contact's Profile", he will be forwarded to the standard landing page or your website and will find the form filled with his data.He can change all information, which needs to be changed. If he changes the email address, DOI mail will be sent to confirm his address.