Please note that this is the help section for the former Newsletter2Go software.

Why are some email addresses recognized as incorrect when I upload them?

  1. Please make sure that the email address follows the correct syntax - e.g. Especially when using Excel, it may be that a blank space (or similar) has been inserted at the end of the cell, making the email address invalid.
  2. Sometimes the tool cannot read Excel-files due it's special encoding. If this happens use a CSV file, which has a neutral encoding and helps our system to read the data. 
  3. In addition please take care that your file has only one tab and not too many cells.
  4. In case you import contacts from Austria it could be possible that they are blocked because of the ECG list. You can deactivate the comparison with this list if you go to Email Settings > Default Contact List.
  5. If all ways don't just contact us under