Please note that this is the help section for the former Newsletter2Go software.

How Can I Add My Own Attributes to a Contact List?

With our tool you can also add custom attributes in addition to the standard attributes. This can be done under Contacts --> Attributes + New Attribute.

In the next step you can use various options to customize your attribute:
  • Type = text, number, date, yes / no field
  • Type of = specialization depending on which type was selected
  • List potential values? = the recipient receives a drop-down menu with fixed values
  • Set as default? = a value is preselected if the recipient does not make their own choice
  • Allow more values? = the recipient can select multiple values
  • Contact List = Specifies which contact list should make this attribute available

Note: Attributes can only be edited afterwards to a limited extent. If these are already included in forms, it's possible that the form could lose some functionality.