Please note that this is the help section for the former Newsletter2Go software.

How Do I Create an Auto-update Segment?

To create an auto-update segment, create a new segment as normal under Contacts --> Segments --> New Segment.

Next, you need to name your segment and choose whether it's a static or an auto-update segment. 

Once you have activated the auto-update segment, you can then define certain conditions that the contacts in this group should meet. 


1. I want to create a segment for all contacts with the same email domain: (e.g.,,,

 2. I want to create a segment containing all contacts who have received a certain email from me in the last 2 weeks, but who did not open the email:

3. I want to create a segment for all contacts whose birthday falls within a certain time frame:

The biggest advantage of using these filters is that, unlike static segments, auto-update segments automatically update and add the relevant contacts before you send an email. You only need to set these filters once and then the segment will always be up to date.