Please note that this is the help section for the former Newsletter2Go software.

How Can I Send Coupons?

Our system offers a "voucher pool" function. This function is available from the Standard Plan and up.

1) Create a voucher pool

You can access the voucher pool directly from the dashboard. 

When you create a voucher pool, you can also give it a name. You can then enter the coupon codes manually, or upload them directly via CSV.

It's important that you create each coupon code in a new line. Do not separate the codes by commas or hyphens. 

The system orders the codes from top to bottom. Each code is unique and can only be used once. In the overview section, you can view the number of coupons in your voucher pool, as well as the number of used and unused coupon codes.  

2) Use the voucher pool

You can insert the coupon into your newsletter via the personalization function. To do this, highlight the word, or, for example, in the button, go to the text and to the symbol of the person. 

The code is valid per email or per recipient. You can integrate personalization into the email several times, and the same coupon code will always be sent. Also make sure that the size of the voucher pool corresponds to the number or recipients. 

The codes have no expiration date in the system. In the mailing itself, the codes will remain valid until they are used or you choose to deactivate them.