Please note that this is the help section for the former Newsletter2Go software.

Is It Possible to Change the Size of Images?

Yes, images are adjustable. (Note: They are not editable. Please make all edits to your images, including cropping, before uploading them to your media library.)

You can change the size of any design element, including images, in the editor tool. Click on the design element you want to change, make sure you are on Desktop Settings (see toggle options on the right to toggle between desktop and mobile layout), and enter the height and width. Note that you have the option to enter height and width in percentage, as well, but we always recommend setting the pixels in Desktop Settings. Some email clients interpret percent (%) in relation to the original picture size, which will make the images appear disproportionately. 

You also have options to add padding, margins and a border.

After adjusting the desktop settings, check the Responsive Settings (toggle on the right of your screen). Here, you can add padding and/or margins to any side of the image. You can also adjust the width, hide the image completely or change the orientation. If you want to make size adjustments, we recommend adjusting the width as a percentage in Responsive Settings. The Desktop Settings will also still appear directly below the Responsive Settings, should you want to make any additional changes.

Note that we always recommend setting the width in pixels in Desktop Settings and in percentage in Responsive Settings.