Please note that this is the help section for the former Newsletter2Go software.

Something Looks Off in My Test Email. What's Going On?

The way an email looks to a recipient is determined by their email client, such as Outlook. It's unfortunately impossible to guarantee that a campaign will look 100% the same across all email clients. 

Email marketing software in general is unable to determine exactly how an email will appear to its recipients. Using our software, you create a mailing with certain coding and formatting. This is then sent as data to your contacts' email clients. Your recipients' email clients then decode this data and create the display for your recipients. 

Outlook, in particular (even the newer versions of Outlook), often has display issues. This is because Outlook uses a very specific type of coding. The problem users encounter most frequently has to do with how images are displayed. 

If you find that your test emails look off and you are using Outlook, check the desktop and responsive settings for all images as per the instructions below. Then resend the test email. If you are still experiencing display problems at that point, send us an email at Please include a screenshot of the display problems, as well as the name and version of the email client you are using. We'll gladly take a look for you.

1. Desktop Settings

Setting the height and width of your images gives you a better chance that there will be no display issues. First check to see if your image height and width are set in pixels (px), not percent! 

You can also set the padding and margin directly in the editor tool. Padding determines the blank space around the inner edges of the picture. For example, if you have a border around your picture, the padding will show as blank space between the image and the border. The margin is the outer edge of the image – the space that comes between the image and the next or previous design element.

2. Responsive Settings

The most effective way to prevent display problems in responsive layout (for mobile devices) is to format image size (width) in percentage. Make sure that all your images have responsive sizes set to percentage, not pixels.

If, after following these steps for all images, you are still experiencing problems, please feel free to contact support. (See contact information above.)