Please note that this is the help section for the former Newsletter2Go software.

Can I copy content from a Word doc into my email newsletter?

Yes - however, when copying the content over, the Word formatting will be deleted. This happens for two reasons:

1. Even if the Word formatting were to be retained, it is not necessarily shown consistently in all email clients. We therefore delete the formatting when content is copied over and enable users to format the text in the editor tool instead. This formatting is then displayed correctly in all email clients.

2. Images taken from Word would only be relatively linked - meaning they are linked locally but cannot be retrieved from another computer. Images should therefore always be uploaded via our server. Only then can you be sure that images will be displayed correctly when you send your email newsletter out. 

Yes, but this can lead to display errors or changes in the editor are not accepted. It's because Microsoft uses its own formatting that some other systems can not read or support.
Keep the following things in mind when copying from Word:
Possible display errors:
  • Gaps between lines or text and the layout blocks
  • The text won't be wrapped 
  • The text does not overtake the new style (color, size).
  • The text is indented, pushed to the right or left edge.
To fix these errors, you must neutralize the formatting of the text once. Afterwards you have to set the font style again, but now the display is constant in all email clients. You can neutralize the text directly in the editor.
Select the text and click the "X" on the black bar.