Please note that this is the help section for the former Newsletter2Go software.

How Do I Insert Personalizations Into My Mailing?

With Newsletter2Go software, you can personalize nearly everything in your email campaign, down to the last button.

There are three options for personalization. We'll cover them all in this article, as well as how to preview your personalizations.

  1. Personalize "envelope" details, such as sender name and subject line
  2. Insert text placeholders in the drag-and-drop editor
  3. Personalize entire blocks (text blocks, images, buttons, etc.)

Attributes are the key to highly personalized emails. These are the various details you assign to contacts, starting with First Name and Last Name, and up to anything you can dream up – last item purchased, beverage preference, number of digital downloads, etc. Keeping the attributes of your contact list up to date will allow you to send personalized emails that hit their mark every time.

1. Personalize "envelope" details

The first place where you have personalization options is when you are setting up your campaign. In the second step under Details, you have the chance to personalize the subject line, preview text and sender name. Just click on Insert Personalization to the right of any field.

When inserting personalizations, you can choose between a simple personalization, if-then-otherwise conditions or frequently used personalizations. 

  • A Simple Personalization allows you to enter an attribute, such as a contact's first or last name. Simply choose the attribute as a placeholder within the flow of text.

  • An If/Then/Otherwise Personalization lets you write different things to different contacts. For example, should you choose to send out multilingual mailings, you don't need to create two separate campaigns. You can personalize every element of the mailing for language. Here is what a subject line personalization looks like in two languages:

Note that you can also add simple personalizations inside if/then/otherwise personalizations.

  • The third personalization option is in our Frequently Used tab. This offers several standard greeting variations, from formal to "chatty" informal. 

2. Insert text placeholders in the drag-and-drop editor

You have the same three personalization options in the editor as you do in the second step: Simple, If/Then/Otherwise and Frequently Used. Click on the Personalization icon when you're editing a text box or a button, and the 3-tab interface described above will appear. Once you have inserted a personalization, you can edit it again by double clicking on the block.

Personalization placeholders may appear in text inside curly brackets, like this:  {% if ( recipient.gender == "m" ) and ( recipient.last_name != "" ) %}Dear Mr. {{ recipient.last_name }},{% elseif ( recipient.gender == "f" ) and ( recipient.last_name != "" ) %}Dear Ms. {{ recipient.last_name }},{% else %}Dear Sir / Madam,{% endif %}

You can also watch this video tutorial on inserting personalized greeting:

3. Personalize entire blocks (text blocks, images, buttons, etc.)

You also have the option to personalize an entire block. This means that it will only show for those contacts who fit the attributes or segments you've set. This is a great way to address different types of contacts within one single campaign. (For example, to write a multilingual campaign, simply create blocks in multiple languages and set them to appear for the corresponding contacts.) To personalize the whole block, select the personalization icon.

You then have the option to set one or multiple conditions that have to be met in order to display the block.

Previewing and Testing Your Personalizations

Before sending your campaign, you should check to make sure all the personalizations have turned out exactly as you would like them.

On the right, you'll see an interface for Personalize Preview. You will be asked to fill out sample attributes so you can see how your mailing will look to contacts with different attributes.

Note, that when you send a test email all personalizations will be programmed for a contact selected at random from your contact list.