Please note that this is the help section for the former Newsletter2Go software.

Are there legal requirements when it comes to email newsletters?

Yes. In our GTC §9 paragraph 1, we refer to the provisions on data protection according to TMG (Telemedia Act), BDSG (Federal Data Protection Act) of the Federal Republic of Germany and the EU-DSGVO (EU General Data Protection Regulation), which must be observed.

1. The registration form for your newsletter should be created with the Double-Opt-In process

2. Please keep in mind, that each campaign includes an imprint, which almost shows the following information:

  • name and address of your 
  • the name and address of your branch,
  • for legal entities additionally the legal form
  • the name of the authorized representative and contact person
  • Your contact information with a valid phone number and a valid email address.
  • the trade, association or cooperative register in which you are registered and the corresponding registration number,
  • in cases where you have a VAT identification number according to § 27a of the Value Added Tax Act or an economic identification number according to § 139c of the Tax Code, the indication of this number,
  • in cases requiring regulatory approval, details of the competent supervisory authority;

3. In addition to the imprint you should refer to your data protection or even better link it

4. After all every campaign needs an unsubscribe link

These are only basic legal information, as we can not give comprehensive legal advice. For further questions, you must contact a private legal adviser.
Here's an example: