Please note that this is the help section for the former Newsletter2Go software.

How can I include my own “GDPR declaration” in the form?

In addition to the Doi procedure and the model confirmation you can also integrate your own declaration and a link to your Privacy Policy with a checkbox in the registration form. Please note, however, that this is not legally sufficient without Doi confirmation.

1) To create the checkbox, you must set up a new attribute. For this, under Recipient > Attributes, create a new attribute using "new attribute", such as data_protection. Then select "Yes / No field" as type, so that a selection field appears.

2) In the form you can add this attribute in the second step and edit it again.
  • "Label" can be used to customize the title, regardless of the name of the attribute.
  • With "Mandatory field", you can then set whether the recipient can complete the registration without a click or have to click.

3) In addition to the checkbox, you can also link directly to your privacy policy and enter your own declaration. Select under "another fattribute" "custom html". Then you can insert a text with additional link into the field. For example: I agree that I would like to receive the NL from Newsletter2Go and read the <a href=""target="_blank"> Privacy Policy </a>. You then only have to exchange the link for yours. This is then deposited in the word "Privacy Policy".