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What are the advantages of email marketing compared to other types of online marketing?

Anyone who works in online marketing will know that almost 100% of all internet users read and send email - and can therefore be reached via this channel.

Email marketing guarantees the widest reach for your campaigns by far. What's more, email newsletters enable direct and personal customer contact; a major advantage for businesses. 

Through targeted personalization, you can offer content that is truly of interest to your recipients - without foregoing the economies of scale. An extremely wide reach combined with maximum relevance gives email newsletters an unbeatable expenditure/income ratio. In marketing, this is known as Return on Investment (ROI).

Email is the online marketing tool with the highest ROI. What's more, in contrast to many other forms of online marketing, email marketing allows you to directly measure the success of your actions. 

With comprehensive statistical analysis of each individual email, you can quickly deduce the success of your campaign and identify and improve weak points.