Please note that this is the help section for the former Newsletter2Go software.

When will I be approved for sending?

Since we are also bound by legal requirements and want to protect our customers from misuse of the software by others, we need to review the data before the account approval. That means your personal information serves to verify your identity and to prevent abuse. The approval takes place according to the following criteria.
1) The registered information correspond to the information on your website and comprehensibly.
2) Our software is only for commercial campaigns. This includes a commercial activity, societies or charitable organization. If  we cannot find any commercial purpose on the website, we need a proof by email such as a trade license or a register of associations.
3) Prerequisite for the data review and the commercial purpose is an active website and an existing imprint. If there is no website or if you have not yet activated your website we need a document to verify your activity.
4) In order to avoid "fake" registrations, we make sure that the domain of the registered e-mail address matches the domain of your website. Sometimes the data of a website were abused for the registration and we try to prevent this. In this case, please send us a proof of the data by email or change your email address so it fits to the website domain.
You can change the email address under "account". Please note that this will also change your login address.
5) Shipping via a freemail address is disadvantageous for you and for us too. Due you're sending with several users via a shared IP pool, it could be that the IP address will be blocked or the delivery rate will become very bad. To prevent this process we only activate individual domains. You can usually set up your own individual email domain directly via your web host.
6) Ultimately, it is checked whether the business purpose of your company is compatible with our terms and conditions. We hope for your understanding, if that's the reason you're rejected. Of course it's a subjective assessment based on our experience, but it helps to ensure our quality in the delivery of newsletters on Newsletter2Go and thus the well-being of all our customers.
Please note that every time you change your profile data in the account, we'll check your data again before approval. If you change the stored e-mail address, we 'll send you a mail with with a new confirmation link, which you have to click to verify your data.

We try to check the registration as soon as possible and approve your account. However, you can already use our software without approval and test the tool. The approval is only necessary for sending.