Please note that this is the help section for the former Newsletter2Go software.

Do All Users From One Company Have to Log in With the Same Account or Is There a Multiuser Solution?

Our software offers a multiuser solution, which enables each of your employees to have separate access and settings. There is usually one main account, and all other users have their own logins and settings, while having access to the same mailings, contact lists and data. This is a great way to avoid the shared login problem when working with a team.

You can assign different roles and rights to each user, and create and manage as many subusers as your current plan permits under Account -> User Management. 

Every subuser must be assigned a role, such as admin. You can create roles, change their permissions, and see all the existing roles under the Role Management tab.

When creating a new role, you also have the option to choose which contact lists they have access to.