Please note that this is the help section for the former Newsletter2Go software.

How do I set up the Drupal newsletter plug-in?

The Drupal plug-in can be found here.

To install the Drupal plug-in, click on "Modules" (in Drupal) and select "Install new module". 

Next, you need to select and upload the plug-in from your PC. 

You can enable and configure the Newsletter2Go plug-in under the "Modules" tab. 

To edit the plug-in settings, find the Newsletter2Go plug-in in the list of installed modules and click "Configure". 

You first need to connect your Newsletter2Go account with your Drupal system. In your account, click on "log in or create account". 

You now have three options:

1. You are already logged in to your Newsletter2Go account and just need to enable access. 

2. You are not logged in to your Newsletter2Go account but can log in now with your email address and password: 

3. You do not yet have a Newsletter2Go account and need to set one up. 

Once the connection has been established, you will see in your Newsletter2Go account that the plug-in has been successfully installed. You can then test your access details. 

If the plug-in has been correctly installed, you will see a green tick next to the plug-in name. 

The next step is to create a form in your Newsletter2Go account. To do this, go to "forms" under the account menu (top right). If you have already created a form, you will see a list of all your forms. If not, you can create a new form - please note that you will need to have set up a double opt-in email first. Check out our video tutorial for more information. 

You can then select and edit the form via the Drupal plug-in. 

You can then embed the form directly into your web page using short codes, or via blocks. 

Short codes: 

[newsletter2go:plugin:subscribe] subscribe form

[newsletter2go:plugin:unsubscribe] unsubscribe form
[newsletter2go:popup] subscribe form as a pop-up
You can also insert the form directly via the plug-in by going to "Structure" --> "Blocks". 

If you can't see the forms, you may need the following two modules, which can be downloaded from the Drupal website: