Please note that this is the help section for the former Newsletter2Go software.

How Do I Set Up the Salesforce CRM Plug-in?

1. Check your current Salesforce plan

In order to run an integration between Salesforce and Newsletter2Go, you need to be on the Salesforce plan with the feature called Web Services API. 

To the best of our knowledge, Salesforce currently offers the following four plans:

Salesforce Esssentials, Lighting Professional, Lightning Enterprise and Lightning Unlimited. The ability to use their APIs is available as of the Lightning Professional package. You can always check the current pricing plans to see if integrations are included.

2. Apply for security tokens

In order to access your Salesforce account, you need a security token. You can apply for this in your Salesforce account under User Name –> My Settings –> Personal Data –> Reset My Security Token.


Usually, you will receive a new security token via email within the next few minutes.

2.a. (Optional) Make the Opt-out field visible and editable

Salesforces includes a checkbox titled Email Opt Out in the Leads and Contacts resource pages. When transfering information about the current status of a recipient (active/inactive), we make that information clear through using this checkbox. Newsletter2Go will update this status when a contact unsubscribes from your newsletter. So we can do this, you have to make the field editable. You can read about how to make this field editable.

Note, too, that sometimes this field is not visible in the Salesforce backend. In that case, if you want to use this field, you have to manually make it visible. To do so, go to Setup –> Customize –> Contacts (or Leads) –> Fields –> Email Opt Out –> View Field Accessiblity. Click on this box to activate the checkbox "Visible."

3. Set up the Integration at Newsletter2Go