Please note that this is the help section for the former Newsletter2Go software.

I'm Working With Contacts From Another Database. Is It Possible to Connect This System With Your Software?

There are many ways you can share data between your Newsletter2go account and other software, such as a CRM system or an e-commerce platform. The first option is an automatic contact sync via plug-in. This will compare contact details between systems and keep the data up to date. We have direct plug-ins for many CRM systems and e-commerce platforms. Alternatively, you can set up an interface via our API

Finally, you can do a static export/import, either once or on a regular basis. To do this, export your contacts from your database as a CSV or Excel file. You can then import these to your Newsletter2Go account in just one click. Navigate to Contacts and select File Upload under Add Contacts.

Note that you can regularly upload an entire contact list from another database, and Newsletter2Go will scan the list and only add the newest contacts. Existing contacts who are also present in the uploaded file will not be re-added. Furthermore, blacklisted contacts will ALWAYS remain on your blacklist.