Please note that this is the help section for the former Newsletter2Go software.

How Does the 1-Click Product Transfer Feature Work?

1-click product transfer gives you an easy way to embed products directly from your e-commerce platform into your campaigns. To set this feature up, you'll need the following:

  • An active integration to your e-commerce platform
  • Existing product numbers or product IDs (generated by your e-commerce platform)
  • A Standard or Pro Plan
  • Purchase of a Premium Template: You can either provide the design or let us create it.

Pricing information can be found here under the Templates tab. 

We'll build a preprogrammed design element in your template that directly connects to your e-commerce platform. You can then use the 1-click product transfer to insert products straight from your online shop into your campaign. The integration will load the accompanying information (picture, product description, price and any other attributes you've selected) into your campaign. 

Even if there is no existing plug-in for your e-commerce system, you can still use the 1-click product transfer feature.

Take a look at our video tutorial for more information:

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