Please note that this is the help section for the former Newsletter2Go software.

How do I set up the Magento1 plug-in?

1. Installing the plug-in

Go to plug-ins via your Newsletter2Go account menu (top right) and find the Magento plug-in. 

Download the Magento plug-in. 

Log into your Magento e-commerce store as an administrator and open the Magento Connect Manager (System --> Magento Connect --> Magento Connect Manager).

Magento Plugin_01

In the "Direct package file upload" section, click on "Choose file" and select the Newsletter2Go plug-in. Click on the upload button and wait until the installation is complete. 

Magento Plugin_02

When the installation is complete, the following message will be displayed in the console:

Magento Plugin_02

2.  Set up API access and create OAuth Consumer

Next, you need to create a Consumer Token. To do this, go to System --> Web Services --> REST-OAuth Consumers.

Click "Add new" and enter a name and the current admin password. Click on "Save and continue edit". Copy the values in the "key" and "secret" fields. Make sure that the "Callback URL" and "Rejected Callback URL" fields are empty. 

3. Create and configure admin roles

The next step is to define access rights for the Megento REST-service. 

Go to System --> Web Services --> REST-roles

1. Click on "add admin role" (top right). 

2. Enter a role name (e.g. administrator). After clicking save, the tab "Role API resources" should display on the left.

3. Navigate to this tab and you should see the "access rights" area. Select "all" from the drop-down menu and save the settings. 

4. Edit attribute rules for admin role

Go to System --> Web Services --> REST attributes.
Here you should be able to see 3 user types: Admin, Customer and Guest. 

Click on "admin". Under "User type resources", select "all" from the drop-down menu and click on "save". 

5. Assign a REST-admin role to an existing admin account

Go to System --> Permissions --> Users. Click on an existing administrator account. In the "edit user" screen, there is a "REST role" tab on the left-hand side. Navigate to this tab, select the previously created REST role, and save. 

Eine REST-Admin Role einem bestehenden Admin-Account zuweisen

6. Enable access

Complete the installation process by setting up the plug-in in your Newsletter2Go account (account menu top-right --> Plug-ins). Enter your shop URL, the Key and the Secret. 

Once the set-up is complete, we recommend clicking on "test login details". If all details have been entered correctly, you will be redirected to a Magento page where you will need to authenticate yourself. If you were already logged into your Magento account during the installation process, this step will be skipped. 

Then, enable access by clicking on the "authorize" button. 

You have successfully completed the Magento set-up - congratulations!