Please note that this is the help section for the former Newsletter2Go software.

How do I set up the OXID e-commerce plug-in?

First, find the OXID plug-in in your Newsletter2Go account. Go to the account menu (top right) and click on "Plug-ins". 

Download the OXID plug-in. 

Move the nl2go folder into the "modules" folder in your shop root directory. 
Log into your OXID webshop admin area. 
Go to "Extensions" and then to "Modules". Select Newsletter2Go from the list and click "enable" (bottom right). 
Then click the settings tab. Here you will find your access details (username and password). Copy both the username and password and go back to your Newsletter2Go account.  
Log in to your Newsletter2Go account and go back to the plug-in overview. Find the OXID plug-in and click "create new". 

Under login details, enter the username, password and URL of your shop. It is also possible to test the connection. You can edit further settings under the "Contacts" tab. Once you have clicked save, the set-up is complete.