Please note that this is the help section for the former Newsletter2Go software.

How do I set up the Plentymarkets e-commerce plug-in?

Log into your Plentymarkets shop and go to "Settings" --> "Default Settings" --> "Users" --> "Accounts". 

Create a new user. 

Under "Core Data", choose a user name and password and make a note of them. Set the user category as "Newsletter2Go". 

If you run a multi-shop, select the desired multi-shops under "Rights" --> "Visibility."

Under "API", check the box next to "Customer" (for contact synchronization), "Item" (for item transferal) and "web shop" > "Get MultiShops" (even if you do not run a multi-shop). 

Log into your Newsletter2Go account and insert the username, password and your shop URL for the Plentymarkets plug-in under "plug-ins" (via the account menu) 

Congratulations - you have successfully set up the Plentymarkets plug-in!