Please note that this is the help section for the former Newsletter2Go software.

How do I set up the Shopify shop connection?

Setting up the Shopify shop connection:

1. Go into the backend of your shop and select "Configuration" --> "Apps". 

2. Click on "Generate new private app".

3. Copy the API key and password. 

4. Log in to your Newsletter2Go account and go to "Plug-ins" (top-right menu).

5. Select Shopify from the list of plug-ins. Enter the API key as your username and then enter your password. If you wish to automatically synchronize your web shop customers as newsletter recipients, select "Daily recipient synchronization at 4am". Finally, click "Save". 

Setting up Shopify shop from Newsletter2Go account:

1. Login onto your account and navigate to integrations page.

2. To add a new integration click on Shopify from the list.

3. Add your shop URL without the protocol (https:// or https://) and click on Test Login Details.

4. Double Opt In Prozess with Shopify and Newsletter2Go

You need to select a form in the tab "Shopify settings" 

Here you can see how a form can be created. (The form will not be visable in the Shopify Shop, styling is not needed)

The form also needs to be linked to a Double Opt In Mailing, which you need to create also.

After you save the Integration all future Customers which allow emailmarketing in Shopify will get the linked Double Opt in Mailing. 

Do you have questions about our Shopify plug-in? Email us at or call us for free on: 0800 778 776 77.