Please note that this is the help section for the former Newsletter2Go software.

How do I set up the WooCommerce webshop connection?

1 API Access Setting

In order to use the Shop API, the API must be activated for the entire shop as well as for specific users who want to access the system. The WordPress Permalink setting also needs to be modified.

1.1 Change the Permalink settings

To change the Permalink settings, go to WordPress settings --> Permalinks and choose a setting other than the default setting. Confirm the changes.

WooCommerce Integration - Bild 1

1.2 Activate the Shop API

To activate the shop API, go to the WooCommerce settings page and enable API access by checking the box "Enable REST API". 

1.3 Create an Access Key

To access the API, you need an API access key. To create an access key for Newsletter2Go, go to the API tab on the WooCommerce settings page within your web shop and select the "Keys/Apps" sub-tab. Then click on "Add key". 

Add a description for the new access key, e.g. "Newsletter2Go". 

You can then assign the access key to a particular user. Finally, set the permissions to "Read/Write" and click on "Generate API Key". 

Your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret will then be generated. Please save both in a text document on your computer as you will not be able to go back and view them later on.

2. Setting up the connection in your Newsletter2Go account

To set up the WooCommerce integration, log in to your Newsletter2Go account and go to "Plug-ins" (top-right menu). Click "Set up a new connection" and select the WooCommerce plug-in from the list. 

Enter your API key, password and URL into the relevant fields, and check that it works by clicking on "Test login details". 

In the "Contacts" tab, you can select which recipients should be synced, and to which segments. Click "Save" to complete the setup.