Please note that this is the help section for the former Newsletter2Go software.

How Do I Set Up the Zapier Integration?

Set up the integration between Newsletter2Go and Zapier in a few simples steps.

1. If you're not already registered on Zapier, you have to establish a Zapier account.

2. Go into your Zapier account and search for "Newsletter2Go" in the Zapier apps tab or follow this link to the Newsletter2Go Zapier app.
After you've installed the Newsletter2Go app in your Zapier account, you can create a Zap by clicking on the button "Make a Zap!" Now you can set various apps to trigger actions in your Newsletter2Go account.
Newsletter2Go currently offers you the options of carrying out actions and searches through Zapier. We will offer the Zapier trigger function when we release our automation center.
Our Newsletter2Go Zapier app currently offers the following functions:
  • Search contacts 
  • Search segments 
  • Search transactional emails 


  • Add or update contacts 
  • Subscribe contact through form (double opt-in form, DOI)
  • Add contacts to a segment
  • Create segments
  • Send transactional emails 

Here's how to use a Newsletter2Go in a Zap:

During the third step of creating an action or search Zap, select choose an account.

If you haven't yet connected a specific Newsletter2Go account to Zapier, you will be prompted to carry out this extra step.

After you've done this, a window will open and prompt you to enter your sign-in information for your Newsletter2Go account.

Username: The email address connected with your Newsletter2Go account

Password: The password associated with your Newsletter2Go account

Auth-Key: You'll find this in your Newsletter2Go account. Navigate to the main drop-down menu > Account > API. Here you'll find your AuthKey

Contact List ID (Also called Addressbook-ID): You can find this in two places: 

1)  Navigate to the Contacts tab for a specific contact list. You'll see the contact list ID number in the URL.

Or 2) Navigate to the main drop-down menu > Account > API. From here, switch on Developer Mode. 

Now navigate to your drop-down contact-list menu and select Manage Contact Lists.

Once you do this, you'll see all contact list ID numbers listed.

Now you should be good to go!