Please note that this is the help section for the former Newsletter2Go software.

How Do I Use the Zapier Searches?

There are several Newsletter2Go searches that can be triggered in your Zapier account. Use Zapier, for example, to search for a contact, transactional email or segment.

Newsletter2Go currently offers the following search functions in Zapier:

  • Search for a contact (by email address)
  • Search for a transactional email
  • Search for a static segment 

The search function can always be used before using an action. Here's one possible scenario:

You want to add a contact to your account. First, use search to figure out if the contact is already on your contact list. If they are, then you don't have to add them a second time. If not, then use the action "create contact" to add them.

Another key feature to note: When you search for a contact, you'll see all the contact's associated attributes in the search results. You can use these in combination with other zaps!