Please note that this is the help section for the former Newsletter2Go software.

How Do I Manage My Number of Credits?

Checking the Current Status

You can check your number of existing credits in your account. From the main drop-down menu, which is at the top right of your screen, go to Account > Current Package.

The number shows your remaining credits. In this example, you’d have 935,549 plan credits and 97,739,622 prepaid credits left.

Buy New Credits

You can adjust your credit volume under Buy Plan Credits/Buy Prepaid Credits. Use the slider in the pop-up window to select the number of credits. Adjust your payment method if necessary and confirm your booking by clicking on Buy.

The price of the credits depends on your current plan.

1) Prepaid Credits

You can only purchase prepaid credits if you have an active subscription.

2) Upgrade the subscription

To upgrade your subscription, select "I need more/fewer emails as of the next renewal" and your desired amount. The current subscription expires at the end of the duration and starts with the booked volume at the next subscription renewal. You can increase the subscription or reduce the number of credits with this feature.

3) One-time top-up

You can add a one-time top-up to your monthly subscription if needed. Select I Need More Email Credits and your desired amount. You’ll receive a one-time top-up to the CPT (Cost Per Thousand) of your subscription. The credits are valid until your subscription is updated. Your current subscription remains active and won’t be changed.