Please note that this is the help section for the former Newsletter2Go software.

How Do You Calculate Pricing?

Pricing is determined by two factors: how much software functionality you want and how many emails you send per month.

The plan you choose determines the range of functionality you have access to. We differentiate between three different plans: Lite, Standard and Pro. They all contain a fixed range of services.

Every plan starts at a base level of 1,000 email credits per month. For example, if you send out 2 email campaigns, each to 500 contacts, you’ll have used up your 1,000 email credits for that month.

If you’d like, you can expand your monthly email credits above 1,000 emails.

Your current plan determines the price of your email credits. You’re not just paying for the number of credits but also for the services and benefits of your current plan. 

Take a look at these examples:

1) You send a maximum of 1,000 emails a month and want to use only the basic functions of the Lite Plan. You can use our software completely free of charge.

2) You send a maximum of 1,000 emails a month and want additional functionality, such as detailed reporting and telephone support. In this case, we recommend switching to our Standard Plan. You can use these additional features starting at €20.00 per month. If you send more than 1,000 emails a month, you can up your subscription price.

3) You send 1,000 emails every month and want to use the full range of features, including client testing and white-labeling. In this case, switch to our Pro Plan. You’ll get access to all features for a minimum of €200.00 a month. You’ll receive 1000 credits with full access to all features and telephone support with a dedicated contact person. If you send more than 1,000 emails a month you can pay more for access to more monthly email credits.