Please note that this is the help section for the former Newsletter2Go software.

What Do I Have to Consider When Downgrading to the Lite Plan?

You can only use the basic functions with our Lite Plan. Keep in mind that only the following features are available to users in the Lite Plan:

  • Contact Lists = One list is still available. All your other contact lists will be disabled but not deleted. The data is saved in the database in case you upgrade to the Standard Plan again.
  • Users = The main user is still available. All your other users are deactivated but not deleted. You can reactivate the other users by re-upgrading to the Standard Plan.
  • Media Library = You can use and store up to a total of 50 MB in files. If you want to add more files beyond 50 MB, you’ll have to delete existing images or re-upgrade to the Standard Plan. The images you delete will still be available in the web version of your newsletter.
  • Automated Mailings = All active campaigns (ongoing, welcome campaigns, etc.) are deactivated but not deleted. You’ll still have the ability to create, modify and send double opt-in emails.
  • Editor = You can still use the Editor itself as you know it. However, your template options will be reduced to a few ready-to-go templates and a selection of layout templates. You need the Standard Plan for doing spam tests and sending attachments.
  • Reports = You still get a general overview of the most important email marketing KPIs. Reports include figures like conversion rates, click rates and bounce rates. Detailed information and downloads are available with our Standard and Pro Plans.
  • Support = You can use our email support in case of any questions. Telephone support is available in our Standard and Pro Plans.
  • Voucher Pool = This feature is disabled and can only be used in the Standard and Pro Plans.

Client Testing & White-labeling = These features are disabled and only included in the Pro Plan