Please note that this is the help section for the former Newsletter2Go software.

How Do I Publish Sent Campaigns on My Website?

With Newsletter2Go you can make sent campaigns available to your customers for later viewing. Making your previous content available is an excellent way to gain new subscribers. Show them exactly what they’ll be getting to encourage sign-ups..

You can find an overview of your sent campaigns under Reports > Archive.

Here you’ll see a Java snippet containing all your previous campaigns. All you have to do is embed this snippet in your website. You can also edit the snippet before implementation and remove any campaigns you don’t want to share. To do so, simply remove the desired part of the Java snippet. 

Alternately, if you want to exclude an individual campaign from your campaign archive without having to edit the Java snippet, go to the report for the campaign you want to exclude. Open up the drop-down menu Reports as PDF at the top right of your screen, and deselect Public Web Version.

If you just want to link to the campaign instead of embedding it, click on View for hosted archive. Copy and paste the address from your web browser. 

The archive represents a combination of all web versions of your campaigns. If a user clicks on a campaign, it’ll open as a web version.

You can integrate the archive on any website as many times as you want.