Please note that this is the help section for the former Newsletter2Go software.

What Is the Difference Between Unique Opens and Total Opens?

In the Reports area of the software, you can find key metrics about how many people have opened your email campaign and other details. 

The openings are tracked with a pixel, which becomes active when you activate the pictures. It doesn't if you open the whole campaign or only the preview.

1) Unique Opens = each recipient is only counted once – so this number tells you how many different recipients opened your email at least once.

2) Unique Open Rate = measures the relationship between the number of recipients who have opened the email at least once and the total number of recipients who received your email.

3) All Opens = also counts repeat opens from the same recipient, so this number tells you how many times your campaign was opened in total. 

4) Opens per Opener = refers to the average number of opens per recipient who opened the campaign.

Underneath the metrics, you'll see the distribution of opens over time, as well as a table listing the devices and inbox providers used for reading your campaign. This is listed both in absolute numbers and percentage of total openers.

Please note that you have the option to choose a custom segment and time. This functions in the same way as advanced searching and will individualize your statistic.