Please note that this is the help section for the former Newsletter2Go software.

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  • What is the different between padding and margin?

    You can edit for every block the padding and margin. This settings influence the placement of a block in relation to the other blocks. The space can be adjusted separately for all four sides of a block.
    1) The padding defines the [...]

  • Is It Possible to Change the Size of Images?

    Yes, images are adjustable. (Note: They are not editable. Please make all edits to your images, including cropping, before uploading them to your media library.) You can change the size of any design element, including images, in the editor [...]

  • What is the function of each block?

    Our Editor offers different kinds of blocks which you can combine. Which blocks you currently use shows you the "navigator" on the left side. "Body" is the block of the background - the overall block which includes the whole newsletter. If you [...]

  • How Do I Personalize a Design Element?

    You can personalize an entire design element. This means that it will only show for those contacts who fit the attributes or segments you've set. This is a great way to address different types of contacts within one single campaign. For example, [...]

  • How Do I Insert Personalizations Into My Mailing?

    With Newsletter2Go software, you can personalize nearly everything in your email campaign, down to the last button. There are three options for personalization. We'll cover them all in this article, as well as how to preview your [...]

  • How do I set up the Drupal newsletter plug-in?

    The Drupal plug-in can be found here. To install the Drupal plug-in, click on "Modules" (in Drupal) and select "Install new module".  Next, you need to select and upload the plug-in from your PC.  You can enable and configure [...]

  • What Templates Can I Use?

    You can choose between different types of templates in the third step of creating your campaign. The following options are available to you: Available Themes: Ready-to-go templates  Default Template: Layout templates without preset [...]

  • How do I set the alignment of a text or picture?

    It's possible to set te alignment of a text or picture and a block aswell. Mark the block which you want to align and open the desktop settings on the left.  The block orientation depends on the whole formatation of the [...]

  • How Can I Create a Campaign in Responsive Design?

    Responsive design means your campaigns will be optimized for mobile devices. Our Standard and Premium Plan templates are responsive by default. Using one of our templates means your campaigns will automatically be responsive. You can also make [...]

  • Can I copy content from a Word doc into my email newsletter?

    Yes - however, when copying the content over, the Word formatting will be deleted. This happens for two reasons: 1. Even if the Word formatting were to be retained, it is not necessarily shown consistently in all email clients. We therefore [...]